Having Your Own Comfort Animal

cute orange kitty eating her food

A Trusted Companion

Any animal or pet that you love and trust can be your comfort animal. These are typically dogs or cats. Animals that respond well to calls or commands generally work better for people, but it can really be any animal that you love and trust.

nice boarder collie dog with a handicap vest on

What's a Comfort Animal?

A comfort animal is a pet that you come to rely on for comfort, love, and support. Many elderly people and other senior citizens use comfort animals as a constant companion and friend. People with disabilities or depression also find comfort animals helpful for happy companionship.

older woman holding a gray cat

Who Needs a Comfort Animal?

Anyone who has a need for comfort animal can have one, but people who have lost a loved one or are feeling stressed can get a lot out of their relationship with their comfort animal. Sometimes just having a furry friend by your side can make all the difference when you're feeling sad or lonely.

woman with short hair taking dog on walk

The Perks of Comfort Animals

If you live in an apartment where animals aren't allowed, showing need for a comfort animal can help you get a pet. If you talk with a vet who promotes the use of comfort animals, and take the necessary documents to your landlord, they might give in and decide you can have a pet anyway.

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